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PETS LOVE TURMERIC - Meal Topper for Pets

PETS LOVE TURMERIC - Meal Topper for Pets

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Boost Your Pet's Health with PETS LOVE TURMERIC: The Ultimate Superfood

Dive into Nature's Wellness with PETS LOVE TURMERIC: Unleash the potent, plant-based power of Turmeric for your dogs and cats with our groundbreaking nutritional supplement. Sourced from the lush Peruvian Rain Forests, our Turmeric is not just any herb; it's an adaptogen powerhouse packed with 96% curcuminoids, essential for imparting its vast health benefits. Designed to support immune balance and address a spectrum of physiological and environmental stressors, PETS LOVE TURMERIC stands out as a nutritive superfood that pets absolutely adore.

Key Features:

Rich in Nutrients & Adaptogens: Contains a proprietary blend including Turmeric (96% Curcuma) and Sacha Inchi, enhancing bioavailability and nutritional impact.

Holistic Health Benefits: Supports joint health, soothes digestive systems, limits allergic reactions, and promotes overall wellness through potent antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils.

Turkey Flavored for Palatability: Infused with turkey flavoring to ensure your pet loves every bite.

Material: Turmeric (96% Curcuma), Sacha Inchi, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, turkey flavoring

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