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Peanuts Bulk Rolls: Sustainable Waste Solutions with Snoopy Fun

Peanuts Bulk Rolls: Sustainable Waste Solutions with Snoopy Fun

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Introducing Peanuts Bulk Rolls by The Original Poop Bags: Sustainable Waste Solutions with a Dash of Fun!

Clean Up Responsibly with Peanuts Waste Bags: Join the eco-conscious movement with our Peanuts bulk rolls from The Original Poop Bags. These exclusively licensed pet waste bags are crafted from USDA BioBased materials, featuring a minimum of 38% plant material, ensuring a sustainable choice for pet parents.

Key Features:

Sustainable and Reliable Design: Large and sturdy bags allow for easy tying and sealing, providing convenience during cleanup. Thick and leakproof construction ensures durability and prevents any messes, standing up to even the most challenging waste.

Fun and Whimsical Peanuts Design: Add a touch of joy to your daily walks with Snoopy and The Gang, making waste pickup a more enjoyable experience for pet parents and their furry companions. Exclusive Peanuts licensing brings beloved characters to your waste disposal routine, spreading smiles and positivity along the way.

Bulk Rolls for Extended Use: Convenient bulk rolls provide ample waste bags for frequent walks and cleanup sessions, ensuring you never run out when you need them most. Available in various pack sizes to suit your needs, allowing for easy storage and accessibility.

Shipping: 3-5 business days (Ships from USA)

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