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Lavender Garden Ultimate Dog Harness

Lavender Garden Ultimate Dog Harness

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Lavender Garden Ultimate Harness: Bloom in Style & Safety

Unleash Whimsy and Comfort: The Lavender Garden Ultimate Harness, from our Lavender Garden Paw-ty Collection, infuses your walks with the charm of lavender fields. Designed for style-savvy pet owners, this Lavender Dog harness combines floral elegance with functionality, ensuring your dog is both secure and chic.

Key Harness Highlights:

  • Durability Meets Style: High-grade aluminum cobra clips and oversized straps ensure safety without sacrificing style.
  • Comfort All Day: Full padded coverage provides a snug, comfy fit for all-day adventures.
  • Visibility After Dusk: Reflective details enhance nighttime safety, perfect for after-dark escapades.

Harness Features:

  • Design Inspiration: Echoes the beauty of lavender fields
  • Control: Sturdy top handle for managing tricky moments
  • Flexibility: Three D-rings for versatile leash or seatbelt attachment

Shipping: 3-5 business days within Continental US (Ships from USA)

Embrace the Lavender Garden Ultimate Harness for a fusion of fashion, comfort, and safety, making every outing a stylish adventure.

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