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K9 Sport Sack | Kolossus Deluxe: Large Dog Backpack Carrier

K9 Sport Sack | Kolossus Deluxe: Large Dog Backpack Carrier

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Embark on Boundless Adventures: K9 Sport Sack | Kolossus Deluxe

Adventure Ready with the Kolossus Deluxe: Redefine outdoor journeys with your larger four-legged friends using the Kolossus, reengineered for maximum comfort and durability. Ideal for medium to large dogs, this large dog backpack carrier merges sleek design with unmatched functionality, ensuring you and your pet are prepared for any adventure.

Key Advantages for the Adventurous:

Adaptable Sizing for Big Dogs: Catering to pets weighing 20 to 80 lbs, with adjustable dimensions for a snug, stress-free fit on every excursion.
Revolutionized Comfort and Security: Developed with expert input for an ergonomic build that prioritizes your pet’s safety and comfort.
Versatile Utility Design: Easily switches to a capacious gear bag, providing 50-60 liters of space for all your exploratory essentials.

Essential Specs:

Type: Premium Large Dog Backpack Carrier
Best For: Medium to Large Breeds (20-80 lbs)
Sizes Available: L to XXL
Capacity: 50-60 Liters

Delivery: Quick 3-5 day shipping within the USA from our local warehouse

The Kolossus Deluxe isn’t just a carrier; it’s a ticket to memorable adventures with your pet. This big dog backpack unlocks the freedom to explore every corner of the world with ease, safety, and style. Secure yours now and step into the great outdoors together.

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