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Hemp Cover for Memory Foam Pet Bed

Hemp Cover for Memory Foam Pet Bed

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Elevate your pet's comfort with Petique's Hemp Cover for Memory Foam Pet Beds. Crafted from 100% hemp, this eco-friendly cover provides unparalleled comfort and sustainability for your furry friend. With natural resistance to mold and bacteria, it ensures a hygienic sleep environment while being non-toxic and odor-resistant. Embrace eco-friendly dog beds practices with hemp's minimal water and pesticide requirements, making it an ideal choice for both your pet and the planet. Available in various sizes to fit Petique's Memory Foam Pet Beds, this cover is machine washable for easy maintenance.

Key Features:

100% Hemp Construction: Provides a non-toxic and odor-resistant cover for your pet's bed.

Superior Durability: Outlasts traditional textile fabrics, ensuring long-lasting use.

Natural Resistance: Hemp's natural properties resist mold and bacterial growth for a hygienic sleep environment.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large/XL

Shipping: 3-5 business days (Ships from USA)

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