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Blue Sky Orchid Waterproof Dog Collar

Blue Sky Orchid Waterproof Dog Collar

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Step into the enchanting world of Winter's Orchid Oasis with the Blue Sky Orchid Waterproof Dog Collar. Inspired by the serene beauty of a greenhouse during a snowstorm, this collar captures the essence of the season with its delicate hues.

Made for Winter Elements: Waterproof Dog Collar in Sky Blue Crafted to withstand winter's elements with its waterproof and odor-proof design, keeping your furry companion fresh and comfortable.

Key Features:

Secure and Durable: Equipped with a heavy-duty D-ring and an oversized quick-release buckle, ensuring secure fastening and durability.

Seasonal Design: The two-color design effortlessly complements the winter landscape, adding a vibrant pop of color to your pet's ensemble.

Available Sizes: the Blue Sky Orchid Waterproof Dog Collar guarantees a tailored fit for your pet. Let your furry friend embrace Winter's Orchid Oasis with confidence and style.

Shipping: 3-5 business days (Ships from USA)

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